Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing uses either Email or Ad placements purchased to display text or image based ads on specific pages and for specific audiences. As an advertiser this audience is called your target demographic. With display or text ad placements it is important to know your audience. It’s also important to optimize your ads with the best keywords, images, ad copy, and bid amounts. That’s putting it simply. If you want to run ads online and improve the ROI in your marketing budget it might make sense to hire a professional agency or consultant.

Email Marketing can be a bit easier if you already have a list of addresses. You can use any number of ESP services like Mailchimp, Vertical Response, or Exact Target to name a few. If you don’t have a list to mail then you’re definitely going to be better off hiring a professional to help. If you’re interested in a free consultation then click “Contact” under “Digital Marketing.” in the menu. You can also learn more about digital marketing and see some basic pricing tiers.

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