New Album Coming Soon… from Malpracticed

The Stars May Go on into Eternity
The Heart may perceive just a beat
As what we call modernity
The knowing is expansive, but not so deep
The forgotten may be more precious
Than the first heartbeat…

Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the new single: Rise TOTALLY FREE until the album drops.

Nobody Knows Jungle Bird Jazz

Nobody Knows Jungle Bird Jazz
Who was the last to see it, touch it, feel it,
SMELL iT!… like roses
Nobody Knows Jungle Bird Jazz
Was it this, Was it that
Was it white, Was it black
Was it cats inside hats
Dogs carrying bats
Ghosts in the night
Wandering down desolate railroad tracks
Nobody Knows Jungle Bird Jazz
Nobody Knows But The Jungle

The Order of Things

Waves. Frequencies. Particles: Electrons, Protons, Neutrons. Atoms. Molecules. DNA. Cells. Organs. Systems. Bodies. Families. Communities. Societies. Civilizations. Planets. Stars. Galaxies. Probabilities. Universes. Without Matter. Without Boundaries. Ever-Growing. All That Is.